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Higher isn't always better: myths around SPF'S.....

A lot of clients that I meet often believe that the higher the factor SPF they wear the better the protection; but let me explain:


SPF 30 blocks out 96.7% of UVB radiation

SPF 40 blocks out 97.5% of UVB radiation

SPF 50 blocks out 98% of UVB radiation

So there is only a tiny percentage difference....


What is more important is to NOT just look at a high SPF rating as this doesn't measure its ability to protect against the more DAMAGING rays which are UVA

UVA rays can often be referred to as " stealth" rays!

They can travel through clouds & glass and they are present 365 days a year.

They have longer waves than UVB & so can penetrate through our deeper layers of skin where they can cause collagen & elastin degradation , = lines, wrinkles , discoloration .... the works BOO!


A high SPF doesn't necessarily protect you from UVA rays so you need to look that it contains zinc oxide & titanium dioxide which are physical filters that sit on top of the skin & reflect the light away.


Most SPF 50+ lotions will contain chemical filters as well as physical in order to make them more wearable but that extra 0.5% compared to an SPF 40 will not give you environmental protection against all the other agressors ie pollution, free radicals, infra red & blue light]


Therefore look for added ingredients like antioxidants, Vitamin C & super hydrators like hyaluronic acid which will make the formula feel pleasant to wear [ a bit like the Sheer Hydration SPF that comes in the post procedure kits after your peels]


Remember if you want to find your perfect match [ and I don't mean with dating! ] , then I have 6 testers in my treatment room that can double up as your daily moisturiser or even your foundation depending upon your individual needs

Book a consultation with me to find an SPF that you will love wearing


Girl sunbathing by the sea
Girl sunbathing

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