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What can I do for enlarged pores?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

While wrinkles, acne and rosacea can generally be treated successfully with various types of anti-aging/acne treatments and redness creams, pore size is genetically determined.

There are many factors that can exaggerate pore size and make them appear larger than they actually are, but nothing will truly “shrink" them permanently.

Each month our skin gradually goes through a natural shedding process known as desquamation - which remains consistent until we reach our 30s.

Dead skin, oils and debris that sit on the surface of our skin will often become trapped in our pores. Because our skin is quite elastic, our pores expand in order to accommodate that excess matter.

While we are young, our skin sheds quite a bit of this excess buildup

naturally so our pores can remain relatively clean and clear. From the age of 30 years on, our skin continues to renew itself, but it takes a little longer than a month to do so. Due to the slowing of that natural shedding process as we age, the excess skin, oils and debris remain trapped in the pores and continue to build up, causing the pores to expand and making them appear much larger than they actually are. Unfortunately, foundation and other makeup used to try and cover the problem can often worsen the situation over time.

Regular exfoliation is key to keeping pores clean and appearing smaller – especially as we age. If you are also dealing with adult acne or large pores, exfoliation can be beneficial for preventing further breakouts.

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