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How often should you change your skincare routine?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

I'm a great believer in the phrase " if it aint broke don't try to fix it!"....

But at the same time if your skin is experiencing certain symptoms or concerns

then its probably trying to tell you something.

The most basic skin routine should contain the following:

1] A gentle cleanser & clean wash cloth;

The wash cloth will remove the cleanser & dirt more thoroughly ensuring cleaner pores

2] A weekly exfoliant:

There are 2 types:

A physical scrub, gently removes dead skin build up to keep skin looking fresh;

[ make sure the beads are super fine]

A chemical exfoliant: e.g lactic acid, salicylic , glycolic, all remove the bonds sticking the skin cells together [ best purchased from a skin professional rather than online without advice]

3] A daily broad spectrum sunscreen


I always say to clients " if you want to accelerate the ageing process; then DON'T WEAR ANY!!"

The key ingredient: is Zinc oxide as this protects against both UVA & UVB rays

[ think UVA=Ageing rays , present all year round even in cloud & rain,

UVB= Burning rays, the ones we pay a lot of money for to go on holiday & tan [ no such thing as a healthy tan]

4] Always cleanse your skin at night to remove daily pollution & toxins [ wet wipes are not an alternative, they damage the skin barrier]

5] If your moisturiser doesn't feel like its' doing enough', then it is probably missing some essential ingredients for your particular skin; get some professional advice before plunging into a new purchase!

This leads onto step 6;

6] Save your self time & money by getting expert advice from a skin professional.

If you add up how much you have spent over the years ,

'trying this and that' you may be shocked!

Booking a 30 min skin consultation will ensure that you always buy the correct ingredients for your particular skin , you'll learn how to get results that fit in with your budget & lifestyle & can make a huge improvement to your skin longterm.

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