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How often should you get a facial?

I get asked this question fairly often, especially from new clients who do not understand how their skin cycle works:

In my treatment room I have a glass of layered cornflakes, raisins & grapes which is not there as a healthy snack but to demonstrate this point:

[ The grapes are the bottom layer, then raisins and at the top several layers of cornflakes! ]

So every 4 weeks or so, we make fresh new skin cells in our lower layers, that are plump and hydrated with thin cell walls [ a bit like grapes]

As the grapes migrate upwards they lose some hydration and so become more like "raisins' until eventually they flatten and become more dry and crisp [ like cornflakes] in order to flake off the skin surface.

This process is called our " cell turnover' and is a vital function in order for us to keep regenerating fresh healthy new skin cells.

From the age of about 28 + this regeneration process starts to slow down meaning that we can have "cornflakes " sitting around on the skin's surface for several weeks or months leading to dull , dehydrated and mottled skin.

A facial, particularly a peel, will instantly remove dead skin cells and create a fresher more radiant complexion.

After 4 weeks or so, the dead skin cells will have returned and so this is generally a good time to rebook your next appointment.

Another key point:

Maximise results with active skincare

If you are using active skincare at home then these hardworking ingredients will be promoting cell renewal for you PLUS it will mean that I can ramp up results for you in your next professional treatment Win Win!

Ingredients to look for:

Alpha Hydroxy acids [ AHA s] such as lactic acid which work to improve cell turnover & create a more even toned radiant skin

My recommendations: Bright & Clear toner [ daily]

AHA renewal serum [ use overnight]

or the very popular Enzymatic peel 1 or 2 times a week [ the next best thing to a professional peel ]

Also don't forget the gold star of skincare: Retinol serum

Our skin naturally replenishes itself at night & not only will Retinol boost this function but also will boost the skin's ability to produce collagen.

If you feel the need for me to take a deep dive into your skincare needs just reply to this email and I will be in touch

Have a lovely weekend

Laura & Monty

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