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Salicylic acid for blackheads Yes or No?

Salicylic acid is renowned for its ability to unclog pores and reduce inflammation on blemishes

and acne prone skin; being an oil loving acid it is extremely efficient at penetrating deep into our follicles [ pores] and clearing out dead skin cells & bacteria that are causing the issue.

If you are suffering from blackheads & blemishes or just those nasty painful bumps that you just want to squeeze then here's what to do:

  • Firstly try to resist squeezing as you could end up with red marks that could end up hanging around even longer!

  • Do not over use salicylic acid as it can cause redness & irritation in your desperation to have those pesky spots gone

  • Use in moderation : in my consultations I have discovered that some clients are using a salicylic cleanser, and toner and then applying a salicylic lotion on top!

That is a lot of EXFOLIATION!

  • Look for ' encapsulated salicylic acid' meaning it will feed itself slowly into the pores, and extend its effectiveness over time

  • Look for ' Oligopeptide 10' in the ingredients ; its a powerful peptide in skincare that works in synergy with salicylic for greater results

  • Also ' Sea whip' is another active ingredient to look out for that has powerful soothing properties making it excellent at reducing redness and inflammation

If you want to know how to find these ingredients book a free consultation with me

and I'll put you on the right track

Click the ' Skin consultation ' button on my website

Image below is a real client of mine that had great success using these ingredients combined with 3 chemical peels

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