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Spotlight on blackheads....

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

We are forever in search of clear ' pore free' skin. However these pores of ours are essential vessels to release sebum a protective oil that is vital to lubricate our skin. However when excess sebum & dead skin cells clog the opening of our pores this causes a BLACKHEAD. What about " open pores"? I hear you say? From the age of about 28 , we start to produce less collagen which reduces the spring & firmness in our skin causing the opening of the pores to collapse & thus appear more "open' [ think of a pair of old socks that start to get looser around the ankles!] The solution: For both blackheads & open pores :

  • Exfoliation; at least 2 -3 x week Ingredients to look for?

  • Gentle scrubs , look for superfine , biodegradable beads

  • Salicylic acid : an oil loving ingredient that can exfoliate right inside the pore & remove gunk

  • Retinol: Your "upside down" exfoliator

  • This will encourage cell renewal in the lower layers thereby fast forwarding 'shedding' from the top

  • This can be a game changer for all skin types as the more frequently we produce fresh skin cells the fresher & more radiant our skin looks!

  • Be wary of over the counter Retinol as it may be at an unsuitable

  • percentage for your particular skin & contain other ingredients that cause irritation

  • Look for 'encapsulated' retinol that introduces itself more slowly into the skin

  • Start low and go slow is always a good start

  • Treatments to consider for blackheads & blocked pores:

  • A Chemical peel

  • Enzyme treatment

  • Led light [ blue light reduces inflammation]

  • Always book a consultation with your skincare professional first

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