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Which type of Exfoliators are best?

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

For me it is the ones that take the least effort but work harder for your skin;

To explain, there are 2 types of exfoliants:

Physical and chemical;

Physical exfoliants are ones such as mechanical scrubs which are great for removing surface dead skin cells & impurities but excessive use can leave the skin sore & irritated

Chemical exfoliants such as lactic acid & salicylic acid don't involve excessive rubbing.

They work by dissolving the bond that glues our dead cells to our skin's surface & if used in lower percentages can be a much gentler solution.

Applied on a clean skin at night they do all the work whilst we sleep including increasing our cell turnover , allowing us to wake with soft brighter skin.

Recommendation: twice a week to keep skin looking fresh

My favourite:

AHA Renewal serum by Alumier MD

Contains 8% lactic acid to gently remove dead skin cells & enhance cell turnover

Sodium hyaluronate , Vitamin B5 , allantoin to hydrate

Green tea & Arnica to soothe

It comes in a formula that feels like a silky serum and you wake up with velvety soft skin!

It retails at £75, but is FREE this month if you spend £200 on any products

Offer available until April 30th 2023

Online only

Contact Laura for further details:

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