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Who should use Vitamin C?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Vitamin C has always been a popular ingredient in skincare & supplements; I mean without it , our teeth would fall out & our skin & hair would be extremely flakey!

Every day your skin faces a barrage of assaults: UV radiation, pollution, other environmental toxins ;

These all lead to wrinkling, hyper pigmentation and at worse skin cancer

Antioxidants like Vitamin C help to fight off free radicals and the damage they wreak on your skin.

But not all Vitamin C formulas are created equal.

The most bio available form of Vitamin C for the body to absorb is L-ascorbic acid, meaning it can penetrate into the lower layers and protect our skin cells immediately.

Also , if combined with Vitamin E it makes Vitamin C 4 x more potent!

Win win!

Applying a few drops every morning will help to reduce inflammation

[ like little broken red capillaries, mottled brown spots]


Vitamin C is highly unstable and if not used regularly you will find that your expensive purchase will have gone discoloured or brown

If this occurs DO NOT USE as it is no longer effective!!

Something else to remember :

The key to effective topical delivery of Vitamin C is exfoliation—removing the uppermost layer of dead cells allows Vitamin C formulas to be applied directly to live cells. Chemical peels, microderm abrasion and other gentle mechanical exfoliants will all work.

Another reason to Peel regularly!

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