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Why you're dark spots are not going away

a girl with blemished skin
3 reasons why your dark spots on your skin are not going away

3 common mistakes that I see:

1) Only using sunscreen when it’s sunny

It’s unfortunate that it’s got the word SUN in the description!

Think of SPF as your daily skin PROTECTION: not using it daily allows UV light ( even through glass) to darken our blemishes & therefore the problem with dark spots on the skin continues

2) Not using Retinol

Retinol is a GAMECHANGER for all conditions

It evens out skin tone, unclogs pores and smooths out texture

It usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks to see improvement.

If you’ve had problems using retinol before just reach out to me, I can help you.

3) Relying on just treatments

don’t get me wrong professional treatments can have a huge impact but 80% of your skincare results come from what you’re putting or not putting on your skin at home

For any skin condition that is concerning you , book in a consultation and I will set you on the right track

Fill in the skin consultation form on my website:

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