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How to look after your skin in winter

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Our skin can be more challenged to look its best in the winter months, what with colder weather & central heating or if you are out near the river & parks it can easily feel drier & weather beaten..

Plus if you are an avid retinol user it can suddenly become harder to tolerate and for the skin to feel really dry or tight

What should you do?

Keep up your retinol use as Vitamin A really is the best ingredient to stimulate cell turnover and keep skin youthful & fresh but layering may be the answer...

Just like we keep our bodies warm with several layers of clothes our poor faces need layers of protection against the elements too!

Try opting for a gentle cleanser that supports our skin barrier without stripping it, this may mean switching from a foaming cleanser to either a cleansing lotion or cream some days...

Next layer on a super hydrating serum that helps our skin to hold on to moisture

e.g Hyaluronic [ our bodies natural form of hydration]

Then apply a super comforting moisturiser that maybe a little richer in texture when your regular one doesn't quite cut it during the winter months [ my favourites: Hydrarich or Revovery Balm by Alumier MD UK ]

Finally protect your skin from daily UV damage by sealing in with a sunscreen, one that contains niacinamide will be extra soothing.

Try this same layering approach on the nights that you use Retinol

e.g apply a serum, then your retinol and then a moisturiser , my clients know it as their 'Retinol sandwich' and it can work a treat!

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