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The Superfood Facial  £100
This is an ideal facial for redness prone and sensitive skin. This luxurious facial utilizes natural ingredients such as Superfoods and plant extracts to deeply nourish and hydrate, leaving the skin looking refreshed and revitalized. The Superfood Facial is designed to detoxify and reduce inflammation, making it the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin.

This is an ideal facial for someone looking for a gentle 'peel' treatment whilst still achieving deep pore cleansing, brightening & hydration in one.

The Blueberry peel contains very low percentages of lactic acid & mandelic acid [ derived from almonds] to gently dissolve dead skin cells & increase hydration.

 The antioxidant power of blueberry and vanilla promote an even skin tone and smooth texture while minimising redness and irritation.

Extractions can be performed if needed, followed by a super hydrating 

Moisture Infusion mask & 15 mins of Red LED light therapy to boost skin cells & promote a radiant glow.

A perfect pre or post holiday treatment.

a bowl of blueberries & almonds
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