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Venus Versa™  A Revolutionary Non Surgical  Skin Tightening Treatment

Non Surgical Face lift    £85   Single treatment

Any treatment that boosts our collagen is a good thing, especially as we age and start to lose 1% a year in collagen production.

This treatment focuses on boosting our collagen production, tightening existing collagen fibres and increasing  our skin's radiance & glow ; win win!


30 mins of full face skin rejuvenation using the Venus Versa radio frequency device that feels like a hot stone massage on the face with added benefits

Your skin feels immediately firmer, lifted & rejuvenated; and the  treatment is enhanced with the application of brightening serums & SPF to complete your overall radiance & glow

There is no down time and you can go straight back to work if needs be

  [ in fact people may comment on how well you look! ]

How does it work?

The device uses radio frequency & PEMF { pulse electro magnetic frequency]

to heat up the lower skin layers & create the production of new collagen & elastin fibres, this will produce instant skin tightening as well as fresh oxygenated blood for a glowing radiance. Skin feels firmer in one treatment.

With progressive treatments results for the face include:

Improved facial contours

Jawline sculpting

Smoother skin texture

Improved skin luminosity

Recommended course of treatments :

6-8 sessions

Every 10-14 days

Thereafter a single maintenance is recommended every 2-3 months

Package price: 6 sessions £499

                      8 sessions £665

Treatments can be targeted to specific areas:

Eye Brightening & Lifting treatment: £60

As we age, the skin around our eyes becomes thinner causing dark circles to appear more noticeable , blood vessels become stagnant creating a bluish hue and lines and wrinkles around the eyes can appear more noticeable,
this treatment works by delivering radio frequency & PEMF [ pulse electro magnetic frequency]  around the brow and eye area to instantly reduce puffiness, and brighten the eyes in just 20 mins

( available as  single eye treatment]

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