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Are chemical peels bad for the skin?

Chemical peels are without doubt one of my most popular facials in Addlestone yet I still meet clients that have misconceptions about them so I thought that this post might be useful:

So what is a chemical peel?

A blend of ingredients that loosen the glue sticking our dead skin cells together

to reveal fresh radiant skin

5 common myths about chemical peels: 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

1] They cause your skin to literally " peel off'

A chemical peel is merely another type of exfoliation as opposed to a " physical exfoliation' e.g a scrub;

An experienced peel facialist will customise the ingredients to suit your particular skin and make sure that you get the best outcome, peels are progressive treatments [ just like the gym] and you want to start slow to eventually get the ultimate in skin fitness!

2] They make your skin thinner

On the contrary by forcing dry dead skin cells off the surface we are telling our skin to replenish new cells in the lower layers , which are full of hydration and so our skin will be stronger , plumper & more hydrated.

3] They "burn' your skin & feel painful

Most standard light to medium depth peels use alpha hydroxy acids which cause a mild tingling sensation & are the same ingredients found in a lot of home skincare products, a professional peel just uses higher percentages.

4] They are not for sensitive skin

A sensitive skin condition is usually caused by using harsh or incorrect products on the skin and /or external factors damaging the skin barrier e.g environmental damage, lack of protection [ spf] , Think anything that has caused your skin to feel red raw or like you've over done it... Getting a professional peel will help to rebalance your skin barrier and increase the hydration as long as the facialist uses a very gentle blend of ingredients e.g lactic acid , hyaluronic etc

5] Getting a chemical peel means lots of down time

On the contrary , your skin will look fresh, radiant and like its had a new lease of life immediately ! You do not have to have extremely high percentage peels that make you shed like a snake to get good results ; those days are gone! 🐍🐍🐍🐍

Has this been useful?

Or any more questions??

Feel free to comment below

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