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What are the best types of exfoliants?

September marks the month of Skincare Awareness!

So here is a quick easy lesson on EXFOLIATION:

There are 2 types of exfoliants:

Physical [ a scrub] and Chemical [ using AHAs OR BHAs]

Most people are familiar with using some type of scrub, but here's what you need to be aware of:

Physical exfoliants:

  • They work by removing dead skin cells on the superficial upper layer and usually leave the skin feeling really soft and clean

  • Over use of certain scrubs can cause little micro-tears in the skin barrier causing sensitivity & irritation

  • Make sure to use super fine beads that are gentle and do not disrupt our protective skin barrier [ also use non plastic beads as well to protect our planet!]

  • Mix with your cleanser for a speedier exfoliation or for more sustainable use!

  • Twice a week is plenty for most skins especially if combining with other exfoliating ingredients

Chemical exfoliants:

These work by dissolving the 'glue' sticking our dead skin cells together

They usually comprise of either AHA s [ e.g lactic acid] or BHAs [ salicylic acid] in low

percentages for regular use

  • They do not involve any rubbing so can be much gentler for sensitive skins

  • They penetrate deeper in to our skin than scrubs so work much harder for you and your skin!

  • They are applied on clean skin and are left on to penetrate whilst you sleep

  • My favourite: AHA RENEWAL SERUM which exfoliates AND hydrates in one , contains 8% lactic acid and hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate in the lower layers; wake up with soft velvety skin!

You can find it here:

Any skincare related questions?

Contact me :

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how to brighten dull skin

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