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How to target acne and dry skin?

Often these two skin conditions can be linked: acne and dry skin

Blemishes, acne, break outs etc are mainly caused by the over production of sebum in our pores which then get trapped alongside our dead skin cells and create congestion resulting in either blackheads or blemishes.

In an attempt to unclog our pores we may over exfoliate causing us to strip our skin barrier along with its natural oil [ sebum] production and thereby cause the skin to feel dry.

The ideal ingredient to restore our skin barrier back to healthy levels of sebum and moisture



It hydrates, fights bacteria, reduces inflammation and controls oil production.

Lactic acid

is a gentle chemical exfoliant that refines the skin surface and helps to unclog pores

without damaging our protective skin barrier; it also hydrates and acts as an antibacterial agent

Hyaluronic acid

is a substance produced naturally in our body that binds moisture, promotes skin elasticity and keep our skin looking healthy.

Wearing a daily broad spectrum sunscreen will also protect and support all these ingredients as well as supporting our skin barrier from environmental damage

To find out more about any of these ingredients schedule a personalised skin consultation with Laura.

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