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Should your skin routine follow a particular order?

Always begin with a cleanser, choosing one that doesn't strip the skin barrier or make it feel tight afterwards

If you prefer to use a foaming cleanser opt for one that is sulfate free as it will be much gentler on your skin barrier

Remove your cleanser with water and a clean soft wash cloth that is changed regularly [ used wash cloths can harbour bacteria ] this can be a huge game changer for blemish prone skin

If you use a toner, this should be applied next either with finger tips or a cotton pad [ my favourite are lactic acid toners in very low percentages as they gently exfoliate dead skin cells too & help to brighten dull skin

Always apply your thinnest product first e.g a serum & then your moisturiser

Every morning routine should always finish with a broad spectrum SPF

Look for one that contains ' ZINC OXIDE' as this will protect you from both UVA & UVB rays, it is also a mineral filter meaning that it is breathable on the skin.

Remember it is the UVA rays that cause most damage to our skin and they are present 365 days of the year!

Holding a selection of skin products
5 top skincare routine tips

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