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What can I do for dull skin?

Dull skin, dry skin, dark circles, general lack lustre this is the majority of skin concerns that I am hearing about now What can you do to fix this? Whilst there is no overnight quick fix Here is a suggestion:


Really? Is that it?!! Yes! Read on........ Not drinking enough water, consuming high levels of salt, and/or alcohol

can drain your skin's water content and result in a less radiant appearance & can even cause more pronounced lines & wrinkles

  • Also without adequate hydration your skin does not shed its outer layer frequently enough & dead cells [ the cornflakes !] will accumulate on the surface. This contributes to congested pores, lack of radiance & persistent tightness And if that's not enough , your skin, when dehydrated is unable to

properly defend itself from environmental stressors causing inflammation & irritation. So reach for that water bottle...ALOT! Other Hydration tips:

  • Twice a day , after cleansing remember to apply a hydrating product to boost hydration and reduce feeling of tightness

  • Protect yourself if you are going to be exposed to intense cold, or UV rays

  • if swimming , hydrate after to limit the drying effect caused by chlorine

  • Aim to drink at least 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day

  • 20-30% of this can come from fruit & vegetables so they can make a significant contribution to our overall fluid intake.

Other factors that cause dehydration:

  • environmental factors; pollution, UV rays, extreme temperatures

  • Emotional factors: stress, or fatigue

  • Gut health; poor diet & nutrition

  • Lifestyle factors; Tobacco, alcohol, caffeine

  • Sometimes the most simple tweaks can make a huge difference!

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