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How to get rid of enlarged pores

Updated: Apr 23

How to get rid of enlarged pores is a common question that I get asked by my clients;

First of all our pores are important to the health of our skin; they produce a substance called sebum which helps to keep our skin barrier hydrated , soft & supple. If we have a lack of sebum then we tend to indicate as a dry skin type or too much , as an oily skin type. Oily skin types or those prone to acne can naturally have larger pores because of the level of sebum produced.

Another important structure in our skin is collagen, a large protein which is necessary for healing wounds and for giving structure & support to our skin , keeping it firm and resilient. From the age of about 28+, our collagen levels begin to decline and as the skin loses elasticity our pores can also ' sag' making them appear more noticeable or enlarged.

Retinol is an excellent ingredient to use in a skincare routine as it helps to unclog pores, boost collagen production and with regular use keep skin looking fresh & smooth

However to find one that suits your particular skin type and tolerance it is best to get expert advice from a skincare professional.

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