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Do I need to double cleanse?

Do I need to double cleanse and what is the best cleanser ? Are common questions that I get asked in my Addlestone skin cinic; In truth the most common cleansing mistakes I see are either over cleansing or not cleansing enough; signs of over cleansing are waking up with irritated red bumps , or dry itchy or flaking skin; this is often caused by using too harsh a cleanser or one with sulfates that can strip the barrier

Sulfates are the ingredients that cause the foaming action in hair or skin products but its kinder on the skin to look for ones that are sulfate free , gone are the days when our skin needs to feel" squeaky clean"

Not cleansing for long enough, alot of people think that splashing on their cleanser for 20 seconds is enough, but this is not enough time to massage the cleanser in properly

Take at least a minute or two to cleanse thoroughly , this will ensure that you remove the days pollution , sunscreen, makeup etc & that you will gain all the benefits from the ingredients in your cleanser. Sensitive or redness prone skins will benefit from having Niacinamide in their cleanser due to its soothing & rehabilitating properties.

A big game changer can be using a clean flannel daily to remove the cleanser more thoroughly. A soft cloth or flannel needs to be changed daily as they can harbour bacteria.

What is the best cleanser? It all depends on personal preference and skin type.

Oily or blemish prone skins benefit from either gel based or light foaming cleansers, sensitive or more mature skins benefit from cream cleansers. Your local skin pro should be able to advise.

A girl cleansing her skin
Do i need to double cleanse?

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