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Chemical peels: 7 things you should know to get the best results

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

1) If your skin is sensitive then your skincare professional should give you a pre-treatment to strengthen it, that way once you do get a peel you'll get the best outcome ( after all you wouldn't run a marathon without training first!)

2) A peel is basically a super exfoliation. It removes the bond sticking your skin cells together allowing them to shed, thereby fresh new skin cells can move upwards to the surface.

3) Using a skin brightener 2 weeks prior to your peel can reduce the risk of hyper pigmentation, particularly relevant for darker skin tones.

4) Which peel is the right one for you? A blend of acids is normally used according to your skin type & concern, so always bespoke. Concerns range from acne scars and damage, sun damage and age spots and lines, wrinkles and pore size.

5) Peels are not just for your face! They can be applied to your hands & chest to lighten dark spots or chest & back for acne prone skins.

6) One peel isn't going to do the trick. A series of regular peels will give you optimal results and can be adjusted seasonally and to fit around your social life.

7) Sunscreen is PARAMOUNT! You should already know about the necessity of daily sunscreen but after a peel it is to protect your fresh skin from further damage.

All my chemical peels include a 5 day skincare kit which includes a broad spectrum sunscreen.

If you feel that your current products are not getting these results then feel free to contact me directly or alternatively fill out the link and I am happy to set up either a direct or online consultation : HERE

Laura x

Kiss N Makeup Skincare 0208 891 1144 07824 512029

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