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How to get rid of blackheads

Updated: Jul 27, 2023


We can get more blackheads in the summer due to the heat, causing us to sweat more

we may be working out more too

to get in shape for the summer

or for our holiday.

Once we are on holiday our cleansing routine may lapse also.

all of this excess sebum gets mixed up with dirt and dead skin cells, causing a perfect breeding ground for blackheads !!

Solutions to help remove blackheads.

Try using a toner with low percentage lactic acid & salicylic acid

This will both dissolve dead skin cells & unclog pores keeping skin fresh

Try mixing your favourite scrub with your cleanser in the evening, this is a great time saving way to clean skin thoroughly

( especially if you have been reapplying sunscreen)

If you want to remove the blackheads yourself , wrap clean cotton pads around your fingers & gently probe

Alternatively, come & see me because I LOVE removing blackheads!

All of my facials are customised to suit the skin that is in front of me.

Girl having blackheads removed
How to remove blackheads

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