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Things to consider when having anti wrinkle injections

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

They will not make your wrinkles disappear completely. From experience, if you have deeper lines on your face they will not completely smooth out but will appear softer which essentially is a good thing as we want the end result to be natural.

It does not hurt; if you are scared of needles don’t worry the needles used are extremely thin & you’ll barely feel it (and it’s very quick)

Plan your appointment strategically. You can get little red marks straight afterwards where the needle was injected so plan the time accordingly if you are just about to meet a friend for a drink or go to a work meeting.

It’s addictive. Once it wears off you”ll suddenly notice and want it done again. This kind of treatment may need up to three times a year depending on the individual and area injected.

Do your research. Cheaper isn’t always better & make sure your injector is medically qualified. This part of the industry is currently not regulated (so shocking) and anyone can do a day course and then start injecting (nightmare) Although POM (prescription only medication) is licensed and thankfully only accessible to fully accredited, medical professionals. At Kissnmakeup Skincare our injector is a medical professional. Read about her HERE

Finally: Injectables will make you look fresher but they won’t do anything to improve your overall skin QUALITY This is where medical grade skincare is the game changer.

Fill in my online skin consultation form HERE or give me a call to discuss your requirements and we can arrange a free consultation with Victoria or myself.

Laura x

Kiss N Makeup Skincare 0208 891 1144 07824 512029

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