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Why should you care about your skin barrier ?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

It’s used a lot in skincare descriptions to denote that a product is gentle & will not strip the skin

What exactly is your skin barrier?

The technical term is your HYDROLIPIDIC Barrier as it contains a balance of oil & moisture ( water) to keep our skins supple & hydrated

What can damage our barrier?

• over exfoliating • micellar water •face wipes • rough cleansing devices ( mechanical brushes) • lack of protection ( SPF)

Signs of a damaged skin barrier:

• red itchy skin • breakouts • excess oil • dry patches

If you are experiencing any of these it may be time to look at what you are using or not using on your skin

One of the best treatments for ALL skin types is a chemical peel, even the most sensitive !

Click the link below for more info under "Facials"

To get personalised advice on your skin feel free to email Laura:

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