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3 Questions to ask yourself before booking a facial

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

1] What is the number one outcome that you want?

If yo you have a number of different concerns you will probably need a number of treatments; you don't get a six pack at the gym in one session!

2] How long has this specific concern been troubling you?

Days, weeks, years? Be honest with yourself, which leads onto question number three....

3] How long do you feel it will take to fix?

If you answer these questions honestly then you will have a rough idea of a more realistic treatment plan

These are all questions that are asked during a skin consultation so that the best treatment plan is taylor made to suit your budget and lifestyle.

To book :

If you want just a one off treat ; great! Let's really maximise the treatment so you get more bang for your buck...

My recommendation: The Ultimate Glow Facial

This 3 in 1 treatment gives the skin everything in one go:

A 30 min radiance peel to remove dull, dead skin cells revealing fresh , brighter skin

A 30 min radio frequency treatment to boost collagen, oxygenate the skin and provide a 'red carpet' worthy glow

A 15 min LED light treatment is the perfect' finisher' to accelerate results and boost skin cells.

90 min treatment : £180 [ a 20% saving off individual prices]

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