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Hydration skin tips

Here are some simple hydration skin tips:

Signs of a dehydrated skin:

• skin feels itchy, flaky and or a rough skin texture

Environmental aggressors bombard our skin daily but a dehydrated skin will be less able to protect itself resulting in inflamed itchy skin; drinking plenty of water will help the skin to hold onto moisture & reduce itchiness & irritation

• lines & wrinkles seem more apparent

Consuming high levels of salt or drinking too much alcohol can drain the skins water content resulting in a less radiant appearance & more noticeable lines ‘ wrinkles

A well hydrated skin will be more efficient at transporting nutrients to the skin cells and protecting our ‘water barrier’ which is vital to keep skin looking youthful & healthy

• your skin feels dull

Without adequate hydration your skin cannot shed its outer layer frequently enough and dead cells accumulate on the surface

This contributes to congested pores & lack of radiance

Drinking water helps to flush out toxins from the body & it also has a dramatic impact on gut health & the balancing of hormones which play a big part in skin health

• skin is more sensitive

Drinking water can help balance your pH & maintaining a healthy pH is key to restoring calm , balanced and blemish free skin

Hydration skin tips

Top tip: keep a large glass of water by your bedside & drink it as soon as you wake up , it’s a great start to your daily routine!

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