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Is this your skin concern?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Our second skin concern in this series is pigmentation and sun damage.

Now the summer is long gone and your skin tone has perhaps become paler, the pigmentation or sun damage from the summer months might be showing or look more obvious than it did. You might even have dark marks on your skin left over from troublesome spots or acne.

This is the perfect time of year to address this concern and I have the perfect in clinic and home based solutions.

Here is a client who was worried about pigmentation across her face and the treatments she received providing her with great results

In clinic treatments available: Chemical peels, IPL, LED light therapy This client had 5 IPL treatments 3 weeks apart, 2 Glow peels & 2 radiance peels. Plus the following Alumier homecare products: Purifying cleanser, Bright & clear solution, Vitamin Rich smoother, Retinol 0.5 % , Sand Moisture Matte SPF

If you have this skin concern and want to achieve great results like this get in touch for a consultation. Call 0208 891 114 or email or fill in our consultation form HERE and I will get back to you with recommendations

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